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  • Got inspired to write a poem while listening to an old Hindi song—Tera Mera Saath Rahe!  Tell me: How are you? and How’s your day coming along?  The beach background is created by watching a tutorial by @floortjesart - Art by Flow on the @procreate app. 
Thanks to @floortjesart for creating such an easy and simple digital art tutorial to create a beach on procreate🏝.  • poetry •  in midst of a chaotic city
or on an lonely island,
in the darkest hours of a night
or during the shining bright day light,
sometimes, we may fight
but no matter what, 
we’ll always be together - Sumit Asrani
#sumitasrani #poeticsaga
  • Today, 30th July - I turned 32! 
On my birthday, I’m gifting myself with the launch of my first poetry ebook. I’ve been working hard since yesterday morning just to make it happen. I haven’t slept since yesterday. And I wanted to do it anyhow. I wanted to make it happen. A simple gift to myself. And a gift from me to you. So grab your free copy of Still Fluttering — link in bio. This is free pdf. I’ve also managed to launch Kindle version - but it’s under review by Amazon.  I want to thank you for being very kind and supportive. You have been constantly showering your love and have showing support, without which it wouldn’t have been possible for me to put out my first poetry book. It’s a collection of 184 selected poems.  Thanks to each one of you. I want to thank everyone out there, who has ever read and liked my poems. Thanks to each one of you for commenting, showering love, seeing beauty in them, and appreciating my poems.  Thanks for letting me know how much you love my poems via DM and comments.  I will be waiting for your feedback. I’ve tried my best to put it. If you find something is not right, feel free to share.  I wanted to share this early in the day but it couldn’t happen. But I’m still happy that I made it possible on my birthday.  Hope you would like it and enjoy reading it.  Keep showering your love!  Thanks again.  - With Love
Sumit Asrani
#sumitasrani #poeticsaga
  • Somebody hopes that someday you will see it. 
(realise it, sense it, feel it)
• poetry •
A distance lover
I may be
emotionally and physically 
or it may seem to you
but the truth is,
i am that breeze 
covering your skin
in the darkness
even when your shadow wouldn't dare 
to be 
with you - Sumit Asrani
#sumitasrani #poeticsaga
Beautiful Art by @maria_uve_
  • • poetry •
my heart was bitter
until you touched it.
And inked it with 
your sweet name - Sumit Asrani
#sumitasrani #poeticsaga
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Amazing Art by @muhammedsalah_ Thank you for such a beautiful artwork.
  • Okay?
* poetry *
the day we will meet,
angels will dance
moon will blush
stars will be our guests 
to see the union  angels prayed
stars wept
and moon longed
they all waited for too long
just to see one such union
just to see us together,
for our union
won't be just another typical love story
our union will be like 
an unsung mystical song — flooded with heavenly love and eternal bliss
and will be the one
Sufis will sing  for centuries yet to come - Sumit Asrani
#sumitasrani #poeticsaga
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Beautiful Art by @muhammedsalah_
  • Without you in me,
I would be so hollow!  How are you?  Sending you lots of love and hugs! Because I know you need it. And I need it too.
Be safe. Stay sane.  • poetry •
carrying you always
in my mind
in my body
in my soul  wherever i go
whatever i do
whomever i talk do
carrying you always  even at 4 am - Sumit Asrani
#sumitasrani #poeticsaga
Poetry and Art by @sumitasrani

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